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Konnie Chen


Born in Taiwan, Konnie Chen moved to the United States at the age of four and attended school in Southern California. Self-taught, she began experimenting with painting at an early age and fell in love with colors and texturized artwork.


Konnie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego. She worked for a couple of years in the scientific industry in La Jolla, CA before moving to Boston in 1999, where she splits her time and passion between the artistic and the high-tech corporate world.


When asked what inspires her to paint, her reply was “My vision of Everyday life, where the ‘Normal’ can be changed into the ‘Unique’ and the ‘Mundane’ can be transformed into ‘Excitement’.” As puzzling as it may sound, it resonates through her abstract surrealistic paintings where she uses rich textures and vibrant colors to express strength and passion, while the imageries depict the vitality of life. 

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